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Rankings per keyword

Track the ranking positions per keyword, and see which of your website’s pages ranks for each query, in Google, Bing, and other major international search engines. Compare your website’s rankings per keyword to those of your competitors.

Ranking History

Check your previous ranking position and see graphs of historical rankings per keyword to see the effects of your optimization.

Mobile Search Performance

Check your performance per keyword on a desktop, tablet, iPhone and Android.


Competitor landscape

See the pages occupying the top ten positions for each keyword and check in which of their on-page elements those keywords appear. This clues you in on where you do or don’t have room to gain ground per keyword.

Keyword landscape

View each keyword’s Difficulty score, which is based on the quality and quantity of competing sites, to learn how hard it is to rank for. Learn which keywords your competitors have prioritized, and identify the head and long-tail keywords that are low hanging fruits for you to grab.

Link discovery

See a list of all websites linking to the sites that rank for your keywords. We also show you which of those backlinks you lack.


Keyword Discovery

We suggest keywords to track by crawling your website, analyzing Google Analytics data, and recording trends like Google Instant to spot trends directly related to your website and keywords. Watch a general overview of DIY keyword discovery in this video.

Keyword Details

See the monthly search volume per keyword, and the number of results Google returns for it, which, alongside a competitor analysis, will help you narrow in on your priority keywords.

Keyword Management

Our “differential graph” displays how well different elements of your site are optimized for each keyword, and is broken down into overall relevance, title, content, backlinks and URL.

Server-side SEO

Canonical tags

View your canonicals and make sure that Google will not un-index important links to your website because they aren’t tagged as the ‘original’ pages.

Server errors

Find any errors on your website along with the link, anchor text, link destination and error code.


Track of all your 301 (permanent) and 302 (temporary) redirects. 302s do not transfer any link equity or page value, so it’s important to stay on top of your HTTP response codes.

Content optimization

Content Recommendations

Discover what queries are trending, which pages beg for more keyword usage, and whether you should focus on the head or more niche tail term.

Internal Competition

See all of the pages found on your website that are targeting a given keyword. Check for pages you should be further optimizing for a keyword, and make sure you don’t have multiple pages targeting the same keywords, as they’ll compete with one another and damage your site’s performance.

Anchor Text

Achieving a balance between optimized and more natural anchor texts is tough. See the anchor text of each link as well as the number of Anchor Repeats – how many of your backlinks contain this same anchor text.

Duplicate Content

Find all instances of duplicate content, one of the most common obstacles toward organic rankings. Duplicate content, explained.

On-page analysis

Page elements

View every issue that needs addressing: missing headers, titles, image alt tags, missing keywords in URLs, duplicate titles and meta descriptions, duplicate content, issues with internal and outbound links, You can filter by the number of pages on your site that are affected, template type, type of issue, and numerous other parameters. View our tutorial on on-page analysis.

Bulk Optimization

You can easily classify your website’s pages into groups of identical templates – for example, product versus category pages – and then fix SEO issues on a template level as opposed to page by page.
Integrating with your analytics software delivers invaluable search-to-conversion insights.


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