Help your audience find you, naturally

Optimizing your website for search has never been this straightforward.

Organic traffic at your fingertips

Optimize methodically

Tasks are ordered by priority, according to the ‘weights’ of SEO issues in Google’s algorithm; address them one by one and see your Optimization Score rise.

Outrank your competitors

We expose the SEO infrastructure of every website that competes for your keywords, laying bare any opportunities for you to become more relevant per keyword.

Increase your traffic

Whether your site has hundreds or millions of pages, within minutes of set-up you’ll see everything you need to do to win more traffic from search.

“We need to know if our website, our site structure, and links are user-friendly, and RankAbove gives us that on the spot… Our YOY revenue growth has nearly doubled and we attribute that highly to RankAbove’s platform.”

Daniel Esses, Managing Director at Arkia Airlines



Track your website’s ranking per keyword, and determine how much they affect your traffic and conversion rates. We determine which pages are most important to your website, search-wise, so you can optimize those first.


See where your competitors are and aren’t dominating; browse their keywords and site elements containing or lacking those keywords: title and meta tags, headers, images, backlinks, and everything else SEO.


Links are an SEO bedrock: backlinks (links from other websites to yours), internal links, spammy-looking links, link attributes like different tags and server statuses, We’ve got your covered.

A deeper look at how RankAbove works SEO wonders

Smart Prioritization

Each time RankAbove crawls a website, it identifies every issue and opportunity on the website and off (backlinks). Our algorithm then prioritizes these items based on the weight of the issue, number of pages it affects, and how important those pages are to the website. Our engine constantly updates the weights of SEO issues based on changes it detects in Google’s algorithm. Tasks range from suggested keywords or a keyword missing in a header, to an unfriendly URL or linking opportunity based on a crawl of your competitors’ sites.

Smart Sampling

RankAbove guarantees a totally accurate diagnosis of a website, thanks to our proprietary method of indexing. SEO platforms work off of a sample set of pages when they analyze a website, and that sample must be perfectly representative of the site in order for the platform to provide relevant data. We take into account a website’s top traffic-generating pages, and its backlink, internal linking and keyword landscapes, when building this sample. Some companies simply pull the first few hundred pages crawled, which in most cases do not mirror a website containing thousands to millions of pages.

Dedicated, expert support
And that’s just what our platform can do for you. With a little help from our analysts, the sky’s the limit.


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