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Maybe you manage your SEO in-house, maybe you don’t. Either way, we’ll take care of the heavy lifting.

Site Audit
The Site Audit begins with a consultation, during which we learn the objectives and strategy of your website. Our senior analysts then conduct extensive market research to understand the competitive landscape for the relevant search queries. All on-page, structural, code and linking issues are uncovered, and every SEO issue is addressed.
We implement (or improve) a search strategy that is sure to triumph competitors in the SERPs. You’re left with a Google-friendly, search engine optimized website that’s ready for business – and a lot more traffic.
Mobile SEO Audits
Did you know that as of April 21st, 2015, mobile friendliness influences your search rankings?
We offer mobile SEO audits, too.
Site Migration
Our analysts have managed site migrations for websites consisting of thousands to millions of pages. These include redesigns, migrations to different CMS and eCommerce platforms, changes in URL structure, and more. Our “rollover” tool helps make the process seamless.
We guide you through the entire process – from wireframe until launch of the new website, with minimum traffic lost. We ensure that your site structure is SEO-friendly, that search engines find each page of the new site, and that previous SEO efforts aren’t squandered.
Penalty Removal
Search engine penalties are often detected solely by a sudden and drastic decrease in traffic – whether for the entire website, specific page(s) or specific keyword(s). An investigation into Google Webmaster Tools and Analytics reveals if the drop is due to an update to Google’s algorithm and/or to an actual penalty.
We do a thorough repair of the site until every page, bit of content and link comply with Google’s quality guidelines, and ranking and traffic generation is resumed, if not improved.

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