RankAbove’s Migration Tool makes a ‘no-sweat’ site redesign possible

Re-designing or re-launching a website is one of the most challenging – and hazardous – online marketing feats. Especially if your site comprises more pages than you can keep track of, or are even aware of. Just one or two glitches in code and you can lose your rankings, link equity, and traffic.

Avoid these common mistakes in a site migration

The RankAbove platform’s Migration tool – used religiously in our Site Migration service – eliminates a major risk element of a site migration: the mismatched pages, legacy or forgotten pages, 404s, 302 responses in place of 301 redirects, and other server responses. It allows us to test all (read: millions!) of a website’s URLs to make sure they resolve correctly on the new site. It also lets us know which triggers need to be created to point different page types from the old site to the best corresponding locations on the new site. Once the redirections are put in place, we run this test again and continue to do so until all pages correctly redirect.

Due to our rigorous pre-launch testing process, our customers have been able to see 100% of URLs mapped correctly, and zero errors on launch day!

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