Enormous jump in traffic for RankAbove customer; timing coincides perfectly with Panda update


Increased traffic coinciding with Panda July 2015

Coincidence? We think not!

The latest Google search algorithm update was reportedly unleashed this past weekend. And while this Panda update may take months to fully roll out, we are happy to see that at least one of our customers, a major travel website abroad, seems to be reaping the benefits of the update already.

On the exact day that Panda is reported to have begun rolling out, July 18, 2015, our customer’s organic traffic jumped from 14,600 to 22,600 visits – a 55% increase in one day! Traffic continues to climb relatively steeply until it levels out on July 20, when it continues to increase slightly  and incrementally into the 22nd.

While there is no knowing for sure that this jump is due to Panda, the timing in this case is too spot-on to dismiss. It’s also worth noting that this past year we conducted a pretty major SEO overhaul for this account.

These are the main changes we implemented:

  • We reworked the structure of much of the site. They had content pieced into separate pages – one for food, another for attractions, and so forth. We grouped content like this together, consolidating it into fewer and richer pages.
  • We guided them in implementing UI improvements, jump links (in-page anchors) in particular, without hiding text. This helped ensure the search engine spiders would give weight to the content.
  • We revised their URL structure to include country+city+category which made it friendlier to both Google and users.

We will report on any other interesting developments with this Panda update as we see them.



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