The truth: a revolution in rankings

Google wants to integrate into the Knowledge Graph and ranking algorithm a variable that would be making its first debut in search: the truth. As with everything else, Google is getting weary and wary of trusting people. Google is now working to rectify the fact that...

The Robots.txt file: an SEO has-been?

The robots.txt file has been around since 1994 and has been used by webmasters and honored by search engines. We are talking search engines like Altavista, from way before the days of Google. But it seems new standards, like the Noindex meta tag, have rendered the...

The Need-to-Know SEO Webinar

Tips for optimizing your site’s on-page mark up, URL structure, backlinks, breadcrumbs and content for your The specific qualities in a website Google’s human evaluators are looking for. The steps you need to take to get Google to recognize your site as a...


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