Start capitalizing on seasonal URLs & content

No need to start promoting season-specific pages from scratch, year after year. There are several ways to prolong the value of seasonal URLs and content. So stop scrapping those pages you worked so hard on. While you finalize your marketing campaigns for Mothers Day,...

The Robots.txt file: an SEO has-been?

The robots.txt file has been around since 1994 and has been used by webmasters and honored by search engines. We are talking search engines like Altavista, from way before the days of Google. But it seems new standards, like the Noindex meta tag, have rendered the...

United You Rank, Divided You Fall

Why you should consider turning one of the most basic SEO principles – individual keyword targeted pages – on its head For well over a decade now, SEOs around the world have endorsed one basic strategy for optimizing a website for its keywords: creating an...


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