RankAbove and Founders Forum for Good (FFFG), the not-for-profit division of Founders Forum, have set out to make search engine optimization accessible to NGOs that may lack the budget, expertise or bandwidth for proper SEO.

Launched in December 2013, the initiative has brought about drastic improvement for 12 participating organizations’ visibility, traffic, and awareness from search. We provide these organizations with training and access to the RankAbove platform, and general SEO best practices to incorporate into their websites, moving forward.

“The software has made it simple for us to identify SEO improvements for each and every page of our site. As important as the software, RankAbove are a great example of customer services at its best. They are always easy to get hold of and always keen to help, no matter what the question. This extra support has been invaluable in guiding us on some of the more complicated aspects of SEO optimisation. Their advice has always been provide in a clear, easy to understand way and together, this year, we have made real progress in optimising the Pennies site.”

Alison Hutchinson, CEO of Pennies.org


“We just finished a year-long project to retire our old site, and have been talking a lot about the Rank Above software and tracking the hundreds of pages we recently migrated to the new web app. So we’re as appreciative as ever for our access to these tools.”

Matt Holford, CEO of DoSomething


“The quality of their SEO offering speaks for itself – all of the RiseOut participants have improved the overall health of their websites and made significant gains with organic search. But perhaps more importantly, Mayer, Michael, and the RankAbove team have the kind of commitment to excellence and ongoing service that sets them apart from commercial businesses…”

David Goldberg, Director of FFFG


“We are hugely grateful for the support we have received from RankAbove, both in terms of the software and the customer support. With access to RankAbove, we now have the tools to make some real headway with improving the performance of our website and online activities.”

Gemma Bastin, Communications Manager


“We integrated RankAbove into our digital marketing approach at the beginning of 2014. It has given us access to a great array of data and insights, that we wouldn’t have been able to get otherwise (as a small charity). It also offers excellent and accurate technical recommendations and the tools to make solid SEO decisions to help us rank our services higher within our market place. And as a result we have seen a 40% increase in users to our services since June 2013. It now forms a critical and essential part of our digital armoury.”

Oliver Drackford, Senior brand and marketing manager of YouthNet

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We look forward to taking more organizations on board! Read the official press release on Charity Digital News, or on our website, here.


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